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The observatory is situated in a roll-off observatory building on the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas property in Atoka County, Oklahoma. The roll-off building had been built in 1983 and had been unused for about 18 months prior to my moving in. The roll-off had a good pier, but the outer walls had deteriorated somewhat. The first order of business was to clean up and repair the building. I soon discovered that a mole had been pushing dirt up into the building, and I went round and round with Mr. Mole before I was able to take full possession of the building. Because of Mr. Mole's tenacity, I decided to call the observatory building Mole Manor.

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Mole Hole
Mr. Mole's handiwork.


The pier was adapted to accommodate an equatorial mount.


The telescope was positioned high enough to give a good view of the northern sky.


Additional repair work was done to the building.


Mole Manor before repair
This photo shows Mole Manor before repair.


Mole Manor after repair
And this photo shows Mole Manor after carpentry work and painting.


Mole Manor roof rreplacement
The roof was replaced in 2021.


Mole Manor ready for night
Mole Manor is set up for a night of astrophotography.